Photo by Wisteria Wells, Edits by Bianca Buentello


For me, it’s exhilarating to have an idea, put pen to paper, gather a collection of materials, and mold them together to make my imagination reality. 

Out of the entire creative process, searching for materials is my favorite part. I become a hunter seeking for objects, colors, and textures based off of their unique qualities. At times, people have questioned my material’s state of simpleness or scrappiness, some have even question their use, but not me - I see them for what they can become. When combined in particular way, color pallets become enhanced, textures begin to complement one another, and history of wear start to tell an object’s story. 

This mindset of seeking potential is what I find so beautiful about the creative process. From playing dress up, to dumpster diving for art class, and impromptu photoshoots - I have always loved creating something extraordinary from the seemingly ordinary.

Skilled in: Photography, Photo Editing, Fine Arts, Freelance Photography, Teaching, DIY

Education: University of Texas - B.F.A in Studio Art

Based out of: Austin, TX

Personality Type: ENFP

In a work space I enjoy:

  • Calling out strengths in others that they might not see in themselves

  • Working with others to achieve a common goal

  • Intentionality, hard work, focus, and efficiency

In my spare time I enjoy:

  • Texas BBQ!

  • Being outside and adventuring with friends

  • Prank wars

  • Dance Classes